LE GRAND MONDE 2016 - 2017

Due to the recent success of our first sour year round beer Esquisse, our 100% brett beer Xellensis, and the expanded use of brett in our other saisons, we are quickly searching for a new building to house our sour and brett beer program. In addition to adding the Une Année taproom we have decided that it would also be a great opportunity to get the taproom everybody has been waiting for open at the same time. Over the past few months we have been working on our plan to get this project done and are close to executing. We hope you are as excited as we are for this move, and would like to reserve your beers.

We believe we will be able to have this space open near the end of this year with sour beers ready for you by fall 2016. As all of you sour and wild beer fans know, it takes many barrels and time for these beers to truly become exceptional. As you may have noticed on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter lately we have already started ramping up our sour program at our current facility in preparation to having the taproom open. The first two beers in the program have been bottled and will be released as soon as the taproom licenses are completed this fall.

The name "Le Grand Monde" in French is "The Great World". We are creating these beers for the great world of people within craft beer that embrace wild fermented sour beers. In some respects these memberships can be compared directly with Community Supported Agriculture or as an artist working on consignment; we will be making these beers specifically for the Le Grand Monde.


  • One Le Grand Monde member T-shirt
  • Six 750ml bottles of sour beer. One bottle from 6 batches throughout the year (released approximately every other month)
  • One 750ml bottle of Quad (Released in December 2016)
  • One 750ml bottle of Airing of Grievances (Released in December 2016)
  • Lifetime 10% discount on all purchases in the taproom [1]
  • First right of acceptance for 2017 reservation and membership at current level


  • Invite to taproom soft opening (for the member and one guest)
  • One Le Grand Monde member T-shirt
  • One Le Grand Monde embroidered hat
  • Two Le Grand Monde printed glasses
  • Twenty Four 750ml bottles of sour beer. Two bottles from 12 batches throughout the year (released approximately one every month)
  • Two 750ml bottles of Quad (Released in December 2016)
  • Two 750ml bottles of Airing of Grievances (Released in December 2016)
  • Lifetime 10% discount on all purchases in the taproom [1] 
  • First right of acceptance for 2018 reservation and membership at current level


Memberships are no longer being offered for this year. Please look for 2018 Memberships purchasing in Fall 2017.


The sour beers

The beers the members will receive will be titled "Le Grand Monde" and will include a series identifier (I,II, III, IV etc.). We will size our batches to fill these bottle allocations and a small amount of draft for the taproom with little excess. Any bottle overages will be sold in the taproom to Le Grand Monde members exclusively on a first come first served basis with platinum members given a 1 day priority.


Le Grand Monde member T-shirts will be made as memberships are purchased and will be shipped within two months. All other merchandise as part of the membership will be given when the taproom is open. Le Grand Monde Gold members will be able to purchase Le Grand Monde hats, glassware, and other items as part of their membership.

10% Discount

All members will receive a lifetime 10% discount on purchases made in the taproom. This includes bottles, draft beer, apparel, and food. Discounts can be applied to future individual memberships. [1]

Brewery Pick Up

Here at Une Année, we are not big fans of lines. So, to make this process easy and require very little line waiting, members will be notified 14 days in advance of upcoming release dates. Due to bottle storage space restrictions, after this date all members must pick up their reserved beers within 30 days by showing a valid ID. If a member does not pick up the beer within 30 days, taproom credit will be given as a replacement equal to the value of the bottle release. A member may designate someone to pick-up their beers in the taproom (The 10% discount and other club benefits do not apply to Trustees).


The location of the taproom is still in flux at the moment as we are vigorously looking at spaces. It will either be on the north side of Chicago, or in the close northern suburbs.

membership period

Membership benefits will commence on the anticipated opening of the tasting room in late 2015 with bottle releases starting in January of 2016 and conclude the later of December 31 2016 or the one year anniversary of the taproom opening. Should all beers not be ready by years end, we will fill the 2016 allocation in the following year.


We anticipate the taproom will be open at the end of 2016 with your sour bottle purchases to be fulfilled starting in Fall 2016. However, due to the unpredictable nature of producing sour beers, and the unpredictable nature of getting licenses, the bottle reservations and membership start date may need to be extended further into 2016 with the commencement date pushed back to 1 year from the opening date of the taproom. If the taproom is not open by July 1 2016 members who would like refunds on their bottle reservations can make refund requests in writing. Refunds on the bottle reservations will be the purchased value minus $25.00 for the T-shirt.


All bottle reservations and taproom memberships are intended for the purchaser or the designated member at the time of purchase for the period specified. Bottle reservations and memberships are non-transferable.

1. 07.02.15 - As a few have pointed out, other brewery "mug clubs" give the member a lifetime discount. After looking into this further, we have decided to be in line with these breweries. We are also allowing members to renew at a discounted rate.